Advanced Bates Stamp Features-

The Professional versions of the Bates Program by Common Sense Software,LLC offer many Advanced Bates Stamp features.  These feature can be great time savers while improving the quality of your production.  Notice the buttons on the screen displayed below.  The function of these features will be described below this screen from left to right, top to bottom.

 Advanced Features are described below:

Press the Font button to change type, size, enhancement and color of highlighted element.  B-bold, I-italic, U-Underlines.  Application varies with type of document produced. 


These arrows will center the highlighted element in the label.

The following is a list of available items that can be added to a label. The available selection will depend on what is being stamped.  If the item is "grayed out" the item is not available for the format you are processing. All items can also be added with the Add button and deleted with the Delete button. 

V Variable
C Constant Text
P   Picture (JPG, BMP)
[_]- Box
O Circle
D Date item was stamped
N  Document Filename

If needed you may change to a different label at this page.  This is very useful if you have run out of space on the label you are using.  All of the labels in system are available at this screen.

The up and down arrows below the element window move the selected item to the front or back in position.  This allows you to place a number on top of a filled box, etc.  The default V & C cannot be deleted and are not moveable, they will always be on top. 

You can Edit any of the Elements at this page including the defaults by pressing the Edit button.  This screen shows the edit of the Variable.