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BATES electronic PRO PROGRAM for Windows Vista, 7 & 8 - (32 & 64 bit).  This is our professional program for processing electronic documents only.  Network or Stand alone operation.  One to Five User license included.  

Bates electronic Pro includes the following features:

    • Not an Adobe Plug-in.  Adobe Acrobat is not needed.

    • Context Sensitive Help Press F1 or the Help Button on any screen and view Help for that screen.

    • Process, Save and Print in one operation. A checkbox sends the stamped, saved files to the printer.

    • File Sort for processing has 6 choices, User specific in Change Defaults.  

    • Bates Stamp 100's of Pages in just a few seconds.

    • Process a complete Folder of files with the click of a button.

    • Bates Stamp PDF, TIF, JPG, and most other Graphic Files. 

    • Bates number sequentially across multiple files.

    • Add a separate sequential that changes with each file.

    • Scaling - reduces text size to prevent stamping on text.

    • Rename stamped files 3 different ways.

    • Unlimited constant lines.

    • Unlimited variable lines in multiple formats. 

    • Many Advanced Elements depending on format being processed.

    • Water Mark - Add a Page Watermark using any font, size, color on your computer.
    • Bates Number multiple files in all supported formats at once.

    • Create a TOC, Filelist, Bates Labeled with batch processing in 4 different Formats.

    • Add current Date, Time with a checkmark.

    • Add filename to stamp.

    • Database Records all User and job processing Information, easy to add additional files.

    • Add Number of Pages in a Document to Bates Stamp

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To download a Free Demo of this program - Click Here.

Please review our License Agreement for license details.

Bates electronic Pro - Network Version (1 to 5 users)  -                          $ 199.00

Five Additional User/Seat License @ $10 Ea   =                                         $   50.00  

For Enterprise or multiple office Networks please call.

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