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The Bates Paper PRO is designed for systems with Windows Vista, 7 & 8 - (32 & 64 bit). This is our professional program for processing paper documents and labels only. This version  may be installed on the network server, local workstation or stand alone system.  The Bates PRO series of programs feature all the advanced element items from Bates Professional. 

Bates Paper PRO includes the following features:

    • Not an Macro Plug-in.  Word or Word Perfect is not needed.

    • Context Sensitive Help Press F1 or the Help Button on any screen and view Help for that screen.

    • Print Sequential Numbers or Sequential Letters.

    • Prefixes and/or Suffixes may be any keyboard character.

    • Print Directly to Paper Documents or Print Paper Labels.

    • Place Constant text anywhere on label or document.

    • Place Variable text anywhere on label or document.

    • Unlimited constant lines.

    • Unlimited variable lines in multiple formats. 

    • Unlimited graphics in most formats.

    • Add current Date, Time with a checkmark.

    • Many Advanced Elements depending on format being processed.

    • Water Mark - Add a Page Watermark using any font, size, color on your computer.
    • Works with any Label including Custom Designed Labels.

    • Works with any size paper your printer supports.

    • Use Depth feature to make sequential numbered forms and tablets.

    • Supports Color with Color Printers.

    • Use Any Windows Font and Font Size.

    • Database Records all User and job processing Information, easy to add additional documents or labels. 

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To download a Demo of this program - Click Here.

Please review our License Agreement for license details.

Bates Paper PRO - Single Network Version - 1 to 5 users      $ 199.00

Five Additional User/Seat License @ $10 Ea                                                                  $   50.00 

For Enterprise or multiple office Networks please call.

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You may purchase your software as a download, on a CD-ROM or both. 

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