Manual Stamp -

Manual Stamp will allow you to go thru an existing PDF file, page by page, and remove pages, redact content, highlight text, and bates stamp all in one operation.  Bates Professional & Single Pro Only.

Tools for editing the document are above are in the bar at the top of the screen.  There function from left to right:

- makes page smaller, + makes larger, page view, page fills screen, page number, change document, arrow cancels editing tools, additional stamp, redact, highlight.

This screen may be stretched, expanded to full screen and if you look closely on the right side, next to the scroll bar, you will see a vertical bar with arrows on it.  Click on the bar and a side panel will extend with more controls for processing.  See the screens below.

This extended contol screen is available on Label Item Position and Manual Stamp screens.

Click on the color bars to change colors.            Tabs at the top change functions. Note the None button.