Merge Stamped Files -

Merge:  Save stamped files as one file. Add Title Page, Table of Contents, etc.



Change Merge Settings: Press the Change button to customize output.



Merge Settings: There are 3 tabs (screens) to set file output: 


General Tab: If you would like to keep a copy of the stamped files check the box.  Default location is to add stamped files to Stamped folder.  If you would like to store them in a different folder press the [...] lookup button and select or make a different folder location.


Title Page Tab: This option add a Title Page to you merged file of stamped documents.




Table of Contents Tab:  This allows 3 choices for the Title of Contents.

1. Select Include PDF Outline adds Bookmarks of each file when opened in Adobe Reader.

2. Include a Table of Contents Page.

3. Include beginning Page Numbers of each document on the Table of Contents Page.

You may include any of the checked items.  We recommend you take a few documents and test the different combinations.