Output Destination – File


If you are labeling only one document the output file is saved, by default, to the directory of the original file, with the “original name.Bates.pdf”.  These may both be changed at the Output Destination screen for files screen. 

  The default folder that the output files, copies of the originals, are saved to the Bates Program Folder\Stamped Folder, with the “original name.Bates.pdf”.  The output folder may be changed at this screen, or each User may change the output at their User Options screen by pressing the Change Defaults button on the User Setup screen.

:  This feature allows you to resize the document so that you can number the pages without covering any information.  The default is set to 100%.  You can change this setting from 0 to 100 percent.   You will find that a setting of 92% to 95% will give you a border to place the Bates Stamp regardless of the scanning job.


Printing:  This feature allows you to Bates Stamp, Save and Print the document(s) in one process.  The lookup button [ ... ] gives access to the properties of the printer selected.