PDF, PST, MSG, EML Files -

Emails - (*.PST, *.EML, *.MSG) - The Bates  program will make a copy of an existing *.PST file(s), convert the email to a *.msg, add to the list of files to be processed. When processed we will add all of the attachments to the original document. Placing a sequential number or letter and/or a line of text on each page of the document(s).  The copy is then saved as “original name.msg.pdf”.  *.PDF, *.EML or *.MSG files may be added to the File Input screen by pressing the add files [+] button. Files must be local.  They cannot be added from a your mail client on the internet.

When the email button [@] is selected you are taken to the PST File Select screen.  Locate and select the folder with the PST files you want process.  When selected press Open.

This selects the emails in the Outlook folder.  You can view the content of the email on the right side of the screen.  The emails may be selected by folder by checking the box on the left. If you select inbox in this example it will add all the emails in the inbox.  You may also select individual emails by checking the box in front of that email.

The selected emails will be converted to *.msg files and added to you Input Files screen.  In order to convert the Attachments you must have the application installed on you machine to produce that type of file.  As an example to convert a *.docx file you must have MS Word 7 or above.  If the file cannot be converted it will be listed in the stamped Email PDF produced.