Input Source – Paper Documents

The Bates Program processes sheets of labels, paper and electronic documents all in much the same way.  We stamp them all with a label or labels.  You will find that regardless of the Input Source the steps to complete your project are all the same.  This makes your job much easier.

The label information below applies to all formats in the same manner and the default label is the Bates 4 x 20 (5267) Return Address for all formats.

  • Print a label and paste it on document. 
  • Place an exiting document in the printer tray and print an ink label on it. 
  • Stamp an existing electronic file with a electronic label.  
  • Scan a document and print a electronic label on it. 

You may select the content of labels you would like to print on the right side of the page.  Your choice is:



Constant Only

Select the Label Type you would like to print then press Next>> to continue gathering information or press “Select Different Label” to Change Label Type.  If the Label you need is not one of the choices you may Add a Label.  This can be a Label that is available or a custom Label that you make.


Paper Documents are processed in the same manner as making labels, but instead of printing a sheet of labels and applying them to the documents, the labels are printed by the Bates Program on the Paper Documents placed into the paper tray of any printer.