Input Source Use Existing Data


When you add Client information to the Customer Information Page during a Bates Stamp project, information for that project may be saved in a file after the project is completed.


This information may be recalled by selecting "Existing Data" from Input Source page.  The Database saves Clients for each User separately. 


To view all of the Clients in the Database select user "ZZZ" (the Bates House Account), this lists Clients for all users. 

If the "Database" button is grayed out, you have not saved any Client Information for the current user. 


You will see an alphabetical listing of your clients.  Use the arrow keys to highlight the client you would like to review.  The original information you filled in will appear on the right side with the setup for that Client in the bottom right window. 

You may now repeat a project listed in your database.  To do so, highlight the name of the client and select Next>>. 

The Label Type page of the Label Wizard will appear if you are continuing a saved paper project. 

The File Input page of the Label Wizard will appear if you are continuing a saved electronic project. 
As you go through the screens, all of the information is filled out for you and will automatically have the next number for the project as your starting number.  You may make any changes to any of the saved information including setup options.

At the end of the process you will be asked if you would like to save the project again.  There is also a "checkbox" that you may check to overwrite the data from the previous saved job.  If you don't check the box and you do save the data it will be saved and listed below the last job.  If you overwrite the job you will only have the last job saved.

If you want to delete a client, highlight the client and click delete.