User Management Page -


User ID may be one to three letters and/or numbers.  You may setup and save Users Information for Licensed Users of the program.  You are required, as per our License Agreement, to have a License for each user of the program.


The default settings are saved for each User from the last job printed if the Client Information was not saved for that job.  

information printed without Client information is not saved in the "Existing Data" database.  The job setup information will be saved as the default for that User.  


The User List is selected from the Next button on the Main screen when you open the BATES Program.  You will only be able to add the number of users purchased.  There is one default User, ZZZ.  This is called the "Bates House Account".  All clients from all Users including imported clients are listed here.


Each User may Change the Paths for all outputs.  The current path for the highlighted user is shown in the Paths display.  To change the path, select the User Name and press the Change Configuration button on the bottom right of the screen below.