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Advanced Features
Email Processing - Process Outlook™ PST files. Select which email messages you want to process. The program will automatically convert each message to a PDF, including attachment. Bates Stamp the results and output to a PDF file - Link
Email Messages - Process MSG or EML e-mail messages files to PDF, including attachments.
Convert Files Plus - Convert additional types of files that include Microsoft Office™ files. Excel (XLS), Word (DOC, RTF), Powerpoint (PPT), HTML, and TXT
Merge Output - The output of any Bates Job/Batch can be merged into one PDF file. You can optionally add a Title Page and/or a Table of Contents. - Link
Directory Processing - We can process complete directories/folder including all sub-directories/folders. The output can be either a single directory/folder or we can re-create the original tree structure at the final location you choose. - Link
Rename Output - We provide 3 levels automatic output file naming of the Bates Stamped PDF files. Default, Simple and Advanced. - Link
Manual Stamping - Manual Stamp will allow you to go thru an existing PDF file, page by page, and remove pages, redact content, highlight text, and bates stamp all in one operation. - Link
Barcode Capable - Ability for any Variable or Constant to be represented in barcode format. Barcodes supported are Code 3of9, Standard 2of5, Interleaved 2of5, Code 128, Codabar, QR Code, Data Matrix, and PDF 417 - Link
Error Processing - We provide automatic error processing to allow you to run large Batches without stopping. If a document cannot be Bates Stamped for any reason, the file is skipped and moved to an ErrorFiles Folder and listed in a fileList. This allows you to fix the files and reprocess without stopping project. - Link
Watermark - Add a Page Watermark to your output. We offer 3 different types. User Defined Text, Document Name, Page (Uses the 1st Variable element from the label). Use any font, size, color on your computer. You also control the transparency level to not hide the information below the watermark. - Link
Serialized Documents - Create Serialized Documents from a single document. The input may be PDF, TIF or Graphic formats. The output can be multiple pages of a single input page or multiple copies of the complete document. The later is excellent for creating serialized exams and scripts - Link
Create Tickets - Make any size carbon-less forms, tickets and coupons. Sequential number, print both sides, color graphics. - Link
Scanner Interface - Scan with any TWAIN or WIA compliant scanner, Bates Stamp and save as PDF files. - Link
Embedded Files - Extract embedded files from PDF's. These are like attachments in e-mails. We will extract files , convert if necessary, Bates Stamp and output to PDF
Existing Data - Our Database remembers Bates Stamp information in a hierarchical manner (User, Project, Job), including next number. Just select case, add files to continue a bates numbering project with ease. - Link
Multiuser - Allows you to install on multiple systems and each user to maintain their own configuration settings
Electronic Processing Features
This is not an Adobe™ Plug-In. You do not need Adobe Acrobat.
64-bit application can handle VERY large files, up to 1 Terabyte. 32-bit application are limited to 4 GB.
Process, Save and Print in one operation. A simple checkbox allows you to automatically send all the files in the Batch to a printer.
Sorting the input files has 3 choices, Filename, File Date and File Type. Each of these can be in either ascending or descending order. - Link
Add a Separate sequential element that changes with each file. - Link
Scaling reduces the output files by a specified percentage to prevent stamping on existing text. - Link
Convert files to PDF before stamping with Bates numbers. Files supported are TIF (including Multipage), JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP
Alternate left and right side of the page.
Optionally generate a list of files process during the Job. The output of the file is selectable between Comma Separated, XML, TAB Delimited and JSON
Paper Processing Features
Supports Color with Color Printers. - Link
Works with any Avery™ Label. You can even custom design your own label.
Print Directly to Paper Documents or Print Paper Labels
Print the Output of a Label Job to a PDF that can be printed later or for customer proofs.
(Paper Labels) Make Tablets with sequential numbers. The numbers will be sequential from first page to last in each label and the start the next number on the next label from first page to last and so on.
(Paper Labels) Select how many copies you want of each label. Use this feature to make duplicate sets.
(Paper Labels) Print Down Then Across - If you select this feature you will always print complete sheets of labels, regardless of the Amount to Print entered.
(Paper Labels & Pages) If you select this feature your print out will begin with last number and print in descending order.
Alternate left and right side of the page.
Features in All Bates Stamp Programs
Context Sensitive Help - Press F1 or the Help Button on any screen and view Help for that screen.
Have the ability to include Sequential or Constant Only labels
Prefixes and/or Suffixes may be any text.
Place any Label element anywhere on label or document.
Place Unlimited number of Sequential Numbers or Letters Variable text anywhere on label or document.
Place Unlimited number of Constant Text label or document.
Database Records all User and job processing Information, easy to add additional documents or labels. - Link
Works with any size paper that is supported by the selected printer.
Unlimited graphics elements on a label. Formats supported are BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF, PNG - Link
Add current Date and/or Time element to a label - Link
Use Any Windows Font and Font Size for any text element
Customizable increment value. Use this feature to change the amount between each sequential number by any amount. (i.e. 100,200,300,400,etc. would be the result of entering 100 in the Increment box.)
Please review our License Agreement for license details.
Bates Professional - Multiuser Version
(may be installed on network server, workstation or stand alone system,)
Standard purchase of software is a download, add a CD-ROM to your order for both.
For Enterprise or multiple office Networks please call
Questions - Contact Us
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