File Preview -  No Stamp

The Preview Utility allows all files to be changed to PDF, while identifying problem files in your documents. You will find a How To - Preview video on the info/video page of our website

1. Select the files you want to process and add them to the File Input page. Press Next

2. On the Label Type page select "Preview (No Stamp)" and Press Next.


3. On the Output Destination you can select if you want separate files or Merge to one file.  Press Help on this page for complete options.  When you complete your options press Next to process your files.  They will be put in the Documents\Bates\2017\Preview folder.

   4. If you go to the Preview folder.  You will find the following:

1.    Flags PDF files it cannot open as error. This will trap files that are password protected.

2.    Preview will put #E# at the beginning of the file name

3.    It will convert all good files and mark the one it cannot convert.

4.    File list will be placed in the preview folder when doing preview, samle below.

5.    All files now have a .PREV.PDF extension.


   5. FileList, CSV format, will open with Excel, generated from Preview processing.  Notice that we try to identifly the problem for each bad file.