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Bates Professional Create Serialized Documents

Below are listed features to help you be most productive with our new Create Serialized Documents feature.  This Feature is only available in Bates Professional 14 and Bates Single Pro 14. 

Create multiple pages or multiple documents from a original document.  Use this feature to create multiple stamped copies of school exams, movie scripts, tv scripts, etc. 

A file list is generated with each job in Excel format so you may keep track of gets each document.  We originally developed this feature for a large University Law Department and a TV Script. 

The information below will take you the steps needed to create copies of a School Exam.  You have the option of placing control numbers on the 1st page only or all of the pages of each document.

This guide with take you through the steps to create copies of School Exams with control numbers and exam id text stamped on each document.  Note: Pressing HELP button on any screen will display the HELP for the screen displayed! Bates Professional is a very powerful tool which I am sure you will find many applications for. If you need assistance with your project please contact us.

Please take a look at our Create Documents Samples, Operation Guides and Video Tutorials below: 




Law School Exam Create Serialized Documents Create Serialized Documents
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