Visa/MC/AmEx & Checks accepted. No Purchase Orders please.
-- Installation Notes --
  • All network programs may be installed on the server or on the workstations.
  • You must have Admin Rights or be signed in as Administration to install on Windows 7, 8 & 10 (32 & 64 bit).
  • Demo Programs are complete for full testing before purchase.
  • If you are not ordering a CD for backup please keep a copy of your install program and registration information in a safe place. This is your responsibility; we retain copies of your registration email for 2 years.
  • Also, this is a Windows® program and does not run on a MAC
-- Privacy Policy --
Any personal information you share with us about yourself or your business will not be shared with anyone else. That is it, plain and simple.
Order Bates Stamp Software
Standard purchase of software is a download, add a CD-ROM to your order for both.
Existing Customer Bates Upgrade Prices & Order Form
If you are Up-Grading from a Previous Bates version please use the upgrade form above.
Existing Customer Number is required. If you don't know it please call.
Note: Additional user license upgrades are for current network version only
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