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Some of our customers have been using our Bates Stamp Software for over 15 years. We supply Bates Numbering Programs to large and small Legal Firms, Federal, State and Local governments, copy services, insurance companies and many other types of individuals and businesses. Reviews from some of them below:

* Attorney - Charleston, SC
We downloaded the latest version of Bates Professional 17. Did a demo for our legal assistants and they said I won the award for best employee of the month. Thanks for making us heroes.  Now we can make them heroes for their attorneys. We are heavy Bates users so if there are any bugs-we will find them to help you improve the product.

Bates running fast!!! We processed 12 files containing a total of 7,700 pages in about 15 minutes.

This is converting, merging, stamping the whole works. Very impressed!

* Mythics, Inc. - Virginia Beach, VA
Bates Professional 17 is working well for my production efforts!  I greatly appreciate the help and support. And the product! It was a lifesaver!

Thanks again!

* Attorney - Sebastopol, CA

Program works amazingly well when stamping a folder with sub-folders and recreating the Directory Tree with the stamped files. Both I and my support staff are thrilled with the performance of the program.

Thanks so much for your efforts; you have saved us all quite a bit of time and effort.


* Attorney - Little Rock, AR

Thank you for your quick and effective responses. I have never encountered customer service as good as yours. I will do my part to promote the product.

* US Attorney's Office

Last week I had the task of numbering 24 boxes of documents. Although the work was still tedious, your software was awesome!!!

I will recommend it to all of my colleagues. I am also writing an article on document numbering for Legal Assistant Today magazine and I intend to promote your software in my article. I think it's that good!

Our office had purchased a stamping machine thinking we would use it for the majority of the documents; however, it turned out that the machine made little if any impact. The process ran much smoother with your software.

I thought you would like to know the positive impact of your software.

Milton Hooper
U.S. Attorney's Office
Macon, Georgia

* Attorney - Portland, OR

Hi. I just wanted to give you a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate your Bates Professional software. I purchased it about three years ago upon leaving a big firm and going into a home-based solo practice. I hesitated a bit at the price but have found it indispensable. In addition to being smooth and sensible for Bates numbering, it's also great for labeling exhibits with exhibit numbers and page numbers. I've also been pleased with your help answering questions when I've had them and providing support (a special label, for example). Thanks.

Brian Posewitz
Attorney at Law

* Legal Service - New Albany, IN

I am a single person small business that has been doing scanning for a legal office as a second income. They had asked me if I could do Bates Stamping - I didn't even know what it was! I did a quick search and found your website along with others. After trying one other program and deleting it within an hour, I downloaded your Bates Professional demo. It was very easy and user friendly. I knew it was going to work.

I had a meeting set up with my client to discuss what exactly they wanted, how they wanted it to look etc. They called me on a Wednesday, 5 days before our meeting and asked can you do this for us right away - RUSH - we have to have it for trial Friday morning. So, I purchased the software and went to work.

I had some problems, but John, the customer service person that I dealt with took care of the problem right away and even helped me with some issues that were not totally related to BATES - but an issue with a PDF file! What a life saver! If I hadn't asked John, I couldn't have finished the job on time and would have lost any potential income.

Excellent service / Excellent product. What more can I say?! Keep up the excellent work!

Michelle LaCoursiere-Williams
Michelle's Legal Imaging Services

* Legal Department Federal Reserve - Washington, DC

Our recent purchase of the Bates Professional software has made the cumbersome task of page numbering extremely quick and easy. The software seems to accommodate an infinite number of files at a time and it also accepts long file names. These two features make the numbering process efficient. The technical support has been terrific. Overall, it has been a very good acquisition.

Federal Reserve Bank

* Law Firm - New York City

I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic and time saving program you have. It did a 120 page pdf in about 1.2 seconds. Fantastic!!!

Not only has this program saved me time, but I cannot begin to think of the money it has saved me. I was given an estimate in the thousands of dollars to Bate stamp my files.

Stacy L. Weiss, Esq.
The Law Office of Stacy L. Weiss
110 East 514th Street, 23rd Floor
New York, New York 10022

* Law Firm - Springfield, IL*

We recently purchased the Bates Professional program and are completely satisfied with the product. In the past we created labels by hand and placed them on each document which would take hours. Now with the Bates Professional we can stamp our documents in a matter of seconds.

Great Job!

Todd Tobias
Network Administrator
Sorling, Northrup, Hanna, Cullen, & Cochran Ltd.

* DCMA - Manassas, VA


It really is a great program. What a tremendous addition to our law office.

Thank You!

Ronda :-)
Paralegal Specialist
Defense Contracting Management Agency
Contract Disputes Resolution Center

*Document Service Company - Cincinnati, OH *

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy CID Plex has been with its purchase of PDF Bates Professional. I originally purchased your software to put out a "fire" for a client but have since found countless uses for your product. In addition, I would like to thank you for your quick response from you and your support staff as I was working through my learning curve. I look forward to seeing your new products.

Thanks again,

Jim Hillmann
CID Plex

* Medical Consulting - Lynn Haven, FL *

Wanted to share. Like the rest of you, I have been evaluating ways to expand the services that we offer. Ways that we can become essential to the attys in their presuit investigations, as well as in their case preparations. So far, the copied medical records that I have received for evaluation, were sent out, and professionally bates stamped, or sequentially numbered, and identified. (Not a do-it-yourself hand-stamp.) I do not know how much this service costs the atty, but so far, the records that I have seen, had pages that were categorized wrong, or out of sequence when stamped. I have found key elements the atty missed, because it was in the wrong place! This program sounds wonderful, now we can do it better...and we can do it from our own computers.

I found this site for a software program that will do just what I want. I love the flexibility, that placement of the case ID, and sequential numbering can be manipulated on the page. You can even change the font or color if you want. This software program has now moved to the top of my Need To Get List. You can download the demo if you are interested.

* Law Firm - Anchorage, AK *

I told you to expect a consumer report after I test drove the Bates Stamp Computer program which I recently purchased. You've got to try it. It is great. Penny Bullock figured it out in short order and taught me to use it in two minutes. Basically you PDF your documents into your normal file for such things, then open the Bates Stamp program, select the file you just PDF'd, select your motif (000001-Initials-case number whatever) and click next. You then save it back to the file, overwriting the former file, and it is good to go, with the Bates Stamp impressed upon the image. Really slick.

* Law Firm - Houston, TX *

I just wanted to give you an update on my software problems. The update is that there are no problems. I have successfully labeled about 5000 pages so far. Things are running great and I wanted to let you know. Your customer support has been extremely helpful and always there to answer the phone when I called with a crisis. I love your software. It has taken many work hours off of my shoulders.

Stephanie Vaughan
Houston, TX

* Law Firm - Charleston, SC

I searched for "Bates Stamp software numbering program." I found your site helpful and easy to use, and particularly like the DEMO program. Without that, I would not have purchased your product.

Carolin Morris

* Law Firm - Easton, MD *

The Bates Professional is a great program and met all of our firms stamping needs. It not only allows you to number your pages, it allows you to add a prefix or suffix to your numbering projects and allows you to mark each page in your project with stamps such as "CONFIDENTIAL".

And best of all, the customer service is outstanding, with speedy and friendly help.

Shelly M. Wright
Administrative Assistant
Armistead, Griswold, Lee & Rust, P.A.
Easton, MD 21601

* Law Firm - Roswell, NM *

Just a note to let you know that the software is working great and has saved us a bunch of time and money by being efficient.

Thanks again

* Law Firm - Canada * Our firm started using Common Sense Bates Numbering Software when we grew frustrated with the limitations of the old standard manual Bates numbering machine. Since first purchasing Bates Software it has been an invaluable aid. In our litigation department in particular where we deal with the management of large numbers of documents and the preparation of numerous lengthy Lists of Documents, we really appreciate the great flexibility this software provides for creating labels that allow us to do more then a manual stamp ever could. We routinely create labels that include the file number or name, a prefix and possibly also a suffix in addition to the document page number. We commonly use clear labels which makes it possible to easily place the labels even on pages crowded with text and with little extra space. A numbering machine was a constant problem in regard to stamping over part of the document.

With the growth of work in electronic documents and electronic discovery we are starting to dabble with the numbering features in the Bates software that can now be applied directly to electronic formats. We have successfully used these features on some smaller matters with PDFs. We certainly expect that since Bates software has continued to grow with the requirements to work electronically it will continue to be a valuable software tool at our firm.

Litigation Support Coordinator - BC/Yukon
Paralegal (Vancouver)
Summation Certified Trainer (iBlaze & WebBlaze)

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